Paint by Numbers Tips

 Paint by Numbers Tips you just can not afford to ignore before you start your first Paint by Number Canvas. These tips will definitely save you from throwing your kit in the bin because you did not know how to do it the correct way.

  • Start from the Background
  • Buy a Kit with Frame
  • Use nail polish to clean your brushes.
  • Keep the work area clean
  • Give a realistic look to your painting (Use blurring)
  • Start from the Top
  • Close the paint pot lid after using
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Use water for better flow
  • Use clear gesso
  • Take breaks - Enjoy Art
  • Take a Photo of Your Canvas before you Start Painting
  • Don't use up all the paint before the painting is completed.
  • Use a wet piece of cloth
  • Iron your canvas to get rid of wrinkles
  • Buy a professional set of brushes
  • Use White pencils to to hide numbers/lines


Paint by numbers is on the list of 100 best hobbies of the century. It's a creative way to spend your free time and have fun. You can paint for fun and relaxation, but also to enjoy the pleasures of painting regardless of your age or level of expertise. It is the perfect first step for beginners to learn the art. You only need to fill the numbered spaces on canvas with the respective color. has hundreds of ready to painting kits you can choose from.

 Paint by Number Tips for Beginner


  1. Buy with Frame


It is better to work on a framed canvas so that the canvas stays tight while you work, and you are not likely to create creases on it. Most of our kits have a frame option. If you buy our standard size 40X50 cm painting and there is no frame option, you can buy the Frame. 

  1. Keep the Work area Clean

It's useful to cover the area where you plan to work with old newspapers to keep it clean. The colors are not very liquid and the risk of dirtying up the place is not that high. Yet, having a clean and tidy location will help you focus on your work and avoid being distracted by splashes and stains.


  1. Start from the Top

Start from the top of your painting canvas and continue downwards to avoid any smudging. If you are left-handed, it's better to start from the top right corner, while if you are right-handed start from the top left one. In this way, the risk of smudging will be minimal.

  1. Start from the Background

Paint one color at a time, preferring darker colors. These are usually part of the background and will help you create an outline which will give you the general idea of the picture you are about to paint. As soon as you finish with the background, continue with the smaller areas.

  1. Keep the Brushes Clean

Clean the brushes every time you switch from one color to another of your paint by numbers canvas. The paint dries very quickly and will ruin your brush if you do not wash it immediately. You can prepare a bottle of water and a brush-cleaning bowl. Wet towel is also very helpful for cleaning brushes. Choose one from 1500+ unique designs from paint by numbers home now.

  1. Pay attention to the Paint

Be sure to close the paint lid when you are not using it, as it may dry out quickly. If the paint dries, you can try adding water to restore its creamy texture.



  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

If you fill in a number with the wrong color, you don't have to worry. you can wait for the paint to dry and cover the surface with the correct color. If you still see the wrong color below, try covering it with another layer of the correct one.

  1. Do not Overdo

You do not need to use a lot of color for each section of your canvas. Don't take a huge amount of color as the canvas may not absorb well the excess color and this may cause smudging.

  1. Take a Break

If you are new, just know that you don't have to complete it in one go. Do it in parts and you will enjoy more every time. Don't be hurried, whenever you feel like it's taking a lot of time; tell yourself that it took Leonardo Da Vinci, 7 years to complete Mona Lisa.

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  • I have done so many wonderful paint by numbers large one’s that I don.t know what to do with them all. I love this hobby I love art but drawing takes time and I like to paint most so painting is not easier but more fun and its paint by numbers for me. But unless you know how to stretch the canvas yourself best buy your picture framed and ready stretched.

    lara lopez
  • By following these fantastic tips I’ve experienced the true fun hidden behind paint by numbers kit. Great fun.

    Jennifer Anez
  • ’ve just found what I was looking for. These pictorial tips are very handy that anyone can adopt paint by numbers art. You’ve made my day.

    Lisa Green
  • These painting tips are helping me to work like a pro. Using a paint by numbers kit was never so much easy before


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