An Art in Itself: Painting by Numbers (Review)

Today I would like to tell you something about one of my hobbies: Painting by numbers !

Many people know this system from their childhood: A number stands for a certain color, all fields with this number have to be painted with this one color, in the end a small work of art is created! Of course, there are motifs for all age groups, whether for small children or adults who do not necessarily always want to paint horse pictures.

I have tested two manufacturers so far: Epic-Arts .I was satisfied with both suppliers. However, when unpacking your pictures you have to check immediately whether the colours have possibly dried out - this has happened to me at Ravensburger until now, because the motif was very old. But I was able to get my money back or exchange it without any problems. Ravensburger can also send you your own pictures and have them painted according to number motifs, which costs between 30 and 40 euros - similar services are probably offered by other providers. The biggest problems I had so far only with the brushes: With me they always wear out very fast. So who knows spontaneously, where one can buy good brushes......always here with the tips !

In my opinion Schipper has the best selection to offer: From famous paintings, zodiac signs and landscapes to famous landmarks, everything is there. But also Ravensburger has some good motives to offer. The bigger the picture, the more expensive it becomes of course. The products cost up to 50 euros and you can order them conveniently via Amazon - sometimes they are even cheaper on offer there. If you've never done painting by numbers on a large scale before, it's best to start with a small motif! The big three parts require a lot of time and work and the small picture is the best way to test if your hobby is something for you.

Anyway, I can relax while painting. It's fun to create beautiful pictures - without having to be artistically gifted! Who knows, maybe you'll soon be painting after a number fever

(Here are some of my copies (I apologize for the slightly blurred pictures)


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